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Your 15 Minutes Might Be Up

I was reading a blog post shared by my friend Serene this evening, and the following thought came to me: “The figurehead of a hero to mask deep-seated inadequacies.” The figurehead in question is Julian Assange. I feel a bit weary about writing on this particular man because I am one (of a small minority) […]


One of the teachers that I work with, told me today about the “Indian” thriller. I waited to get home to look it up. Lo and behold, I found this little jem: And yes, they are prisoners. Fantastic, no? Oh and if you’re interested in the Bollywood thriller? Click here. And the original is here. […]

Movie Loop

I’ve probably posted this before, but I feel it merits a review, rather, a re-polishing if you will. What you ask? Movies I can watch over and over and over. These are in numerical order only, not a hierarchy or top ten. 1. Goodfellas – especially the food prep scene in jail. 2. Big – […]

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