Your 15 Minutes Might Be Up

I was reading a blog post shared by my friend Serene this evening, and the following thought came to me:

“The figurehead of a hero to mask deep-seated inadequacies.”

The figurehead in question is Julian Assange. I feel a bit weary about writing on this particular man because I am one (of a small minority) member of the he’s-not-so-revolutionary-and-should-keep-his-trap-shut camp. Reading articles that hail him as a hero makes me roll my eyes; hearing that Time Magazine was considering making him person of the year, made last year’s Christmas Dinner make a quick return. Compromised diplomacy aside, I don’t really think he is that revolutionary and I believe there is a deeply disturbed man behind the mask.


One of the teachers that I work with, told me today about the “Indian” thriller. I waited to get home to look it up. Lo and behold, I found this little jem:

And yes, they are prisoners. Fantastic, no?

Oh and if you’re interested in the Bollywood thriller? Click here.

And the original is here.

And the geckos with “Nasty” NayNay can be seen here.

AND I found the Second Life clip.

Last one, I promise….the LEGO version!

Movie Loop

I’ve probably posted this before, but I feel it merits a review, rather, a re-polishing if you will. What you ask? Movies I can watch over and over and over. These are in numerical order only, not a hierarchy or top ten.

1. Goodfellas – especially the food prep scene in jail.

2. Big – ’cause we’re all big kids after all.

3. Moonstruck – La luna, la bella luna!

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  – no reason, just cause.

5. Mediterraneo – “Una vita è troppo poco. Una vita sola non mi basta. Se conti bene non sono neanche tanti giorni. Troppe cose da fare, troppe idee. Sai che ogni volta che vedo un tramonto mi girano i coglioni? …perché penso che è passato un altro giorno. Dopo mi commuovo, perché penso che sono solo. Un puntino nell’universo. I tramonti mi piacerebbe vederli con mia madre, e con una donna che amo, magari. Invece le notti mi piacerebbe passarle da solo, o con una bella troia, che è meglio che da solo.

6. Le Fabuleux Destin de Amelie Poulain (aka Amelie) – because it changed my life. And continues to do so.

7. Love Actually – it warms my heart everytime; i saw it alone the first time, and with my love the second; ’cause I’m a romantic fool.

8. Star Wars – all of em.

9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – ’cause I was never as cool as Ferris.
10. Any Bond movie. Any.


transl: “A lifetime isn’t enough. A single life isn’t enough for me. If you count well, it’s not even that many days. Too many things to do, too many ideas. You know, every time I see a sunset I get pissed off? …because I think that another day is over. Then I get overwhelmed with emotions because I know I’m alone. A small dot in the universe. I’d like to see sunsets with my mother and with a woman I love, maybe. Instead, I would like to spend the night alone, or with a nice whore, which is better than being alone.”